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Evolve With the Ginisis Group

Our Why

We are a company that bucks the trend. We hire team members not just based on current experience, but because we believe in them, who they are and what they stand for. Sometimes all it takes is someone believing in you and your dream.

Our Mission

Provide top technology that will enhance efficiencies while utilizing top talent to implement a complete solution.

Our Vision

To be the most agile best valued consulting and technology firm in the country.

Why Choose Us


We are efficient from initial requirement through implementation. Our lean processes ensures delivery within time schedule and established budget


We link software and systems to eliminate continuous user monitoring. We apply this technology throughout your entire organization to improve quality and productivity.


We utilize state-of-the-art technology to enhance our commitment to provide and implement innovative and value-added solutions.

We offer resources; including software, management services and network/software security, aimed at meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.


We provide time, effort, and knowledge to maximize your rate of return in a reasonable risk free environment.



400 Continental Blvd Suite 6
El Segundo, CA 90245
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Engineering Management

Engineering Management

The Ginisis Group believes it is important to understand the needs and struggles of its potential clients.More

Software Development

Software Development

The Ginisis Group provides a unique business development strategy by improving your internal processes.More

Software / Network Security

Software / Network Security

Business Collaboration is critical to an organizations longevity and success.More

Who is the Ginisis Group?

Ginisis Group, Inc is an 8(a) Engineering Management Firm that specializes in a form of management that is concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice. Ginisis brings together the technological problem-solving savvy of engineering and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee complex enterprises from conception to completion.

The Ginisis Team consisting of Engineering Management Consultants is primarily concerned with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, knowledge, information, technology and processes. Our Consultants strive to improve upon existing processes, products or systems utilizing top technology. In our analysis we incorporate the principles and methods of engineering synthesis, as well as the mathematical, physical and social sciences together to predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems or processes.